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Kitty running a violin workshop at Shrewsbury Folk Festival, UK Kitty running a fiddle workshop at Shrewsbury Folk Festival, UK. Kitty running a fiddle workshop at Sidmouth Folk Festival, UK
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 Kitty Greenwood Folk Fiddle Teacher

Fiddle tutor for Sidmouth & Shrewsbury Folk Festivals

BBC Radio interview with Kitty here

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Zoom Online group play-along & tune-learning sessions

If you enjoy playing along with others, or wish you could - perhaps in a pub session - then this is the next best thing!  And if you aren’t yet a confident player, it’s BETTER - you get to play along with fiddle, guitar, concertina, melodeon, harmonies - but no one else can hear you!

Friendly, sociable & fun.  

See for details.

Dancing Dots - Zoom fiddle workshop
August 3rd - 7th.  9.45am - 10.30am

Your Home!  

Taking a fresh tune each day, Kitty will show you how to lift the music from the page and make it dance.
Covers bowing, style and a sprinkling of ornamentation.
Detailed notation plus play-along recordings all

“I forgot to send you some feedback from my first folk Zoom session last week sorry !!!

I loved being part of it and such an amazing opportunity to play along with people from all over the country ! Your leadership and playing were amazing and made me feel like I was really part of something. I am a beginner to the folk world so all the tunes are unfamiliar. I am also a little new to the accordion so the fact that i was muted was a little helpful to develop my confidence. Despite all this, I was able to keep up and really enjoyed playing ! I have always been too scared to join a session down here in Cornwall, This was the first time I have been able to join in with others. It lifted my mood and I loved every minute. Playing by ear is a great way to push my skills further and I would love to be part of this week's session. I will book a place and pay and look forward to seeing you both again on Wednesday.  
Thank you."  -
Carrine. Latest person to join our online music session

Wisewood Folk steady speed multi-instrument sessions    Tutor: Kitty Greenwood

On weeks when a new tune is taught, notation with bowing & ornamentation, plus play-along recordings are all included.  See Facebook/Wisewood Folk