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Kitty running a violin workshop at Shrewsbury Folk Festival, UK Kitty running a fiddle workshop at Shrewsbury Folk Festival, UK. Kitty running a fiddle workshop at Sidmouth Folk Festival, UK
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Where does Kitty teach?

Because of the high demand for music lessons, and the quantity of equipment I use (including my piano!) private lessons are held in my music studio in Diddlebury, SY79DJ.

I also run sociable music groups where beginners and intermediate students start to enjoy playing in a friendly ensemble environment.  These take place in hired rooms & pubs in and around Craven Arms, Shropshire.

Special workshops covering specific aspects of fiddle playing are also available around the country.  Please contact me if you would like to arrange a workshop in your area.

Which instrument?

Enjoy folk music but not sure which instrument to choose?

Kitty teaches anglo-concertina, melodeon, violin & classical piano.

You are welcome to attend a taster session, try out the instruments and learn about their different qualities. Kitty can advise on what to purchase and may be able to loan an instrument to get you started.

Individual or group lessons?

Lessons are open to individuals or small groups, in fact there is no better way to
keep motivated than to share your music making with like-minded students.  Likewise, those learning individually will be encouraged to network with other beginners.  Kitty often organises informal social gatherings, giving students the chance to swap tunes, tips and share their musical passions.

Tuition: experienced players

Perhaps you already know some folk tunes, but can't seem to bring them to life? Kitty will show you how to play with greater flair and confidence, including ornamentation, bowing patterns, phrasing and improved technique.

Lessons with Kitty can equally be a great introduction to traditional music for the classically-trained. Whatever your starting point, Kitty will inspire you with a refreshing and infectious repertoire of jigs, reels, airs and hornpipes from Britain and around the world.

Tuition: complete beginners

Playing traditional music is sociable and great fun.  All you need to start is an instrument (Kitty can advise) and lots of enthusiasm!  Kitty’s classical training will set you on the correct path - balancing good technique with pleasurable playing.

In your first lesson, you'll learn the best way to hold your instrument and then start accompanying a traditional tune.  Within a few weeks you'll be playing the tunes yourself.  It’s not unknown for a complete beginner to join in with a pub session after just one lesson.

“I’ve always thought music was closed off to me, like a different language, but now you’ve opened it up and I can learn something I thought was out of my reach”
  -  Subhania, Shrewsbury Folk Festival

”Brilliant... anyone starting out with fiddle playing really couldn't have a better introduction than what Kitty will teach you”   - Sue Hiscox

Kitty teaches folk & classical fiddle/violin Kitty teaches anglo concertina Kitty teaches melodeon (diatonic button accordion!)

Olympic Medal Winners

Congratulations to Kitty’s piano pupils, Ivy & Amira, for winning the Bronze and Silver medals in the Wenlock Olympian Society Live Arts Festival 2019. Their first performance in front of a large audience.