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Kitty running a violin workshop at Shrewsbury Folk Festival, UK Kitty running a fiddle workshop at Shrewsbury Folk Festival, UK. Kitty running a fiddle workshop at Sidmouth Folk Festival, UK
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 Kitty Greenwood Folk Fiddle Teacher

Fiddle tutor for Sidmouth & Shrewsbury Folk Festivals

Tel 01584 841564

Tuition: experienced players

Perhaps you already know some folk tunes, but can't seem to bring them to life? Kitty will show you how to play with greater flair and confidence, including ornamentation, bowing patterns, phrasing and improved technique.

Lessons with Kitty can equally be a great introduction to traditional music for the classically-trained. Whatever your starting point, Kitty will inspire you with a refreshing and infectious repertoire of jigs, reels, airs and hornpipes from Britain and around the world.

Tuition: complete beginners

No previous musical knowledge or experience is needed.  Kitty will guide you through the basics, developing technique and musicianship through an enjoyable repertoire of traditional tunes.  

“I’ve always thought music was closed off to me, like a different language, but now you’ve opened it up and I can learn something I thought was out of my reach”   -  Subhania, Shrewsbury Folk Festival

”Brilliant... anyone starting out with fiddle playing really couldn't have a better introduction than what Kitty will teach you”   - Sue Hiscox

Kitty teaches folk & classical fiddle/violin Kitty teaches anglo concertina Kitty teaches melodeon (diatonic button accordion!)
“Thanks for the lesson, very enjoyable as usual. Doing it over the internet wasn't a problem for me at all, once you settle into it it's fine. I actually forgot that we were using Zoom”   - Alison Adams
 Kitty teaches fiddle, melodeon, concertina & piano

Zoom Online Music Lessons

New to Zoom? Unsure about learning online?  Kitty offers a free trial to show you how it works!

Zoom Online group play-along & tune-learning sessions

If you enjoy playing along with others, or wish you could - perhaps in a pub session - then this is the next best thing!  And if you aren’t yet a confident player, it’s BETTER - you get to play along with fiddle, guitar, concertina, melodeon, harmonies - but no one else can hear you!

Friendly, sociable & fun.  See for details.

New  Covid-safe person-to-person lessons

My teaching studio is now air-isolated.  Students have their own entrance and are fully screened (not just partially screened).
Amongst my students taught this way are medical doctors, front-line staff & health-workers and feedback has been entirely positive.  Due to the need to keep students in non-overlapping time slots, places are limited.